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The Billingham Golf Club

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D J Cramp

R Olver

W Olver

R Irvine

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History of the Teesside Area

ln 1964 approximately 20 members of Newcastle TMC who travelled from Teesside decided that there were enough of them to form a Teesside Area, thus saving time and expense.

With the help of Mr. J. Sharkey they formulated the Constitution of Teesside TMC and held their first meeting at the Billingham Arms Hotel.

Since then all our meetings have been at the Billingham Arms. Our first Officers were: Chairman: A. Darley Secretary: J. Burlton Treasurer: R. Tannerhill Over the years membership increased to 4O - 5O members. lt has held steady over the years..

ln 1971 our club was proud to be asked to provide our first National Chairman. Mr. A. Darley was chosen, unhappily he passed away during his term in office. Mr. S. Boughey took over the post.

ln 1980 Mr. R. Olver held the post and in 1994 it is Teesside's time again. Mr. E. Sandford has been nominated by Teesside Area.

We were fortunate to have Mr. D.L. McNaughton, currently National Secretary, as our Area Secretary for a number of years. ln conclusion we mention with gratitude, five founder members of Teesside TMC still active after twenty nine years:

K. Deveraux .

J. Eason

R. Olver

E. Sandford

T. Tynan

Monthly Meetings

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