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The Supreme Hotel

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History of the South Lincs Area

The South Lincs Transport Managers'Club was formed in Spalding, Lincolnshire by an ex-London Club Member Frank Hands in 1974.

The first meeting was attended by 8 people only, but word soon spread over South Lincs and within three months membership had reached 29, which was felt at that time to be an achievement to be proud of.

The initial success of South Lincs was most definitely down to three people, Frank Hands, Bill Scott and George Parker. Sadly Frank and Bill have since passed away, but the club continued to grow due to the fact of the solid foundation that these original three had laid, and in 1990 a record membership of 107 was achieved.

Unfortunately over the next three years membership dropped and now stands at 61, which we feel is due to the national decline of Road Transport, which I am sure has effected many of the other.Areas. Nevertheless, success has never eluded South Lincs and in 1984 we had the honour of holding the National Chairmanship, of which Arthur Bates was proud to carry out the appropriate duties on behalf of South Lincs.

We get an average attendance of 45 at our monthly club meetings which are held on the last Wednesday of each month except June, July and August which are summer recess. We can usually depend on an average of 150 people attending our Ladies Evening and Christmas Party.

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