This notification was published in “Commercial Motor” on the

15th June 1945, Commercial Motor Page 24

THERE has been such unity and good fellowship amongst the Unit Controllers of No. 5 Division (London) of the R.H.O. that it. would be most regrettable if, eventually, they parted and there were to be no form of liaison between them. It has, therefore, been unanimously agreed to take steps to form a Transport Managers' Club, in order that they and their executives in the road-transport industry should ham a suitable meeting 'place,

It is hoped by the committee that has been formed that this plan will appeal to all Unit Controllers throughout the country, as well as to other transport managers and executives.

As a good venue which, for the time being, should meet their requirements, they -have chosen the Overseas Club, Park Place, St. James's, London, S.W.1. It is felt that this will be a satisfactory centre for the club in the post-war years and until such time as it can possess its own premises. Incidentally, the -Overseas Club has branches at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Cardiff and Oxford.

The aims and objects of the club, as explained to us, are: (l) To develop the good fellowship and understanding which it is desirable should exist in the road-transport industry, (2) To retain the same spirit of co-operation • tinder normal conditions as now exists amongst Unit Controllers. (3) To provide club facilities in convenient areas where members may meet socially. (4) To promote the free and healthy discussion and settlement of transport-operating problems.

The provisional rules, which may, of course, be modified or added to when the full committee is elected, are as follow; (1) Membership is open to all members of the road-transport industry holding an official position as transport manager or executive; those concerned with clearing houses, agents or brokers are, however, not eligible, (2) Members will undertake to support and carry out, so far as is possible, the aims and objects of the club. (9) Members will undertake, to pay such subscriptions as shall be decided by. the committee. We understand that they will be fixed at a moderate figure. The honorary secretary is Mr. NV J. Irons, care of a and G. Duffield, Ltd., Dover House, 170, Westminster Bridge Road, London, S.E.1, and full particulars can be obtained direct from him or any of the following:—Messrs. D. Faires, care of Pye Transport, Ltd., 75-77, Cranham Road, London, S.E.16; W. W. Foster, care df Metropolitan Transport Supply Co., Ltd., Ordell Road, Bow, London, E.3; R. A. Pierson, care of Pierson Haulage, Ltd.. 411, Beulah Hill, London, S.E.19; W. J, Stevens, care of Tuff and Hoar. Ltd., 14-17, Woolwich High Street, London, S.E,18; J. Swait, care of Convoys, Ltd., Prince Street, Deptford, London, S.E.8; H. J. Woodgates, care of Thomas Tilling Ltd., Searles Road, New Kent Read, London, S.E.1.

The project appeals to us as being both interesting and practicable. We are strong believers in the community spirit as applied to our industry. Many problems and difficulties can often be solved or overcome in a social atmosphere, particularly when accompanied by the amenities thereby rendered available.,

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